Air Pollution Control Board

Air Pollution Control Board The Air Pollution Control Board is the regulatory authority for air pollution control in Louisville Metro/Jefferson County. Board members are private citizens. The members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by Metro Council. The Board adopts regulations, orders and resolutions as needed to control air pollution.

The regular meeting of the Board is the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Air Pollution Control Board Room, located on the first floor at 850 Barret Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40204. The Board invites the public to attend.

The Board holds public hearings regarding proposed regulatory amendments, Board orders, and other air pollution issue. Public hearings are generally held prior to the regular monthly Board meeting.

For more information about Board activities, please e-mail the Secretary-Treasurer or call (502) 574-6000. You can also use our on-line mailing list request form to receive information about Board meetings, public hearings and more via email.

Board Members

Appointment Expires1
Dr. Robert Powell (chair) 7/13/2006 6/30/2015
Dr. Neville Pinto2 10/25/2012 8/31/2015
Ms. Bonnie Biemer 7/10/2008 6/30/2017
Mr. William Jacob2 7/10/2008 6/30/2017
Ms. Kathryn Matheny 7/28/2011 12/31/2014
Mr. Ronald Thomas 7/13/2006 6/30/2015
Mr. Steve Thomas 11/23/2009 8/31/2015

1Board members are appointed for a term of three years and then continue to serve until reappointed or a successor is appointed. A Board member may be reappointed to another 3-year term. An appointment to a vacancy shall be for the remainder of the original term.

2Section 128 (a)(2) of the Clean Air Act requires the disclosure of a Board member who derives a significant portion of his/her income from an entity subject to District permits or enforcement orders.

To contact a Board member, please send e-mail the Secretary-Treasurer or mail to:

Air Pollution Control District
Attn: Secretary-Treasurer
850 Barret Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204-1745


The Policy and Strategy Committees are standing committees of the board and meet on an as-needed basis.

Policy Committee

Responsibilities of the Policy Committee include:

  1. Review the following parts of the regulations:
  2. Review related Kentucky State Implementation Plan issues.
  3. Such other duties as directed by the Board Chair.

Members include*:

  • Mr. Ronald Thomas (chair)
  • Mr. Steve Thomas
  • Mr. William Jacob

Strategy Committee

Responsibilities of the Strategy Committee include:

  1. Review the following regulations:
  2. Review related Kentucky State Implementation Plan issues.
  3. Such other duties as directed by the Board Chair.

Members include*:

  • Ms. Bonnie Biemer
  • Ms. Kathryn Matheny
  • Dr. Neville Pinto


*Unless listed as a regular member of a committee, the Board Chair is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee when appointed. As an ex-officio member, the Board Chair has the same rights as the other committee members, but is not obligated to attend meetings of a committee and is not counted in determining if a quorum is present.