Board Resolution, 6/21/2000


Air Pollution Control Board of Jefferson County

June 21, 2000

Louisville Nonattainment Area Designation
for the 8-Hour Ozone Standard

Whereas, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on July 18,1997, promulgated a revised national ambient air quality standard for ozone, the 8-hour ozone standard, which then requires the Governor of each State to submit to the EPA a list recommending designation of all areas of the State as either nonattainment, attainment, or unclassifiable;

Whereas, The EPA provided, on March 28, 2000, guidance to State andlocal air pollution control agencies and Tribes on designating areas. Therecommendations for area designations should generally be based upon ambient airquality data for the 1997-1999 period and are due by June 30, 2000. The ambientair quality monitoring data for 1997-1999 clearly show widespread nonattainmentof the 8-hour ozone standard for the Louisville area;

Whereas, The EPA guidance provides recommendations on establishingthe boundaries for nonattainment areas. Based upon the pervasive nature ofground level ozone and transport of ozone and its precursors, the EPA believesthat it is best to consider controls on sources over a larger area than theimmediate area in which an ozone monitor shows a violation of the 8-hour ozonestandard. Therefore, the EPA recommends that the Metropolitan Statistical Area(MSA) serve as the presumptive boundary for nonattainment areas;

Whereas, The Louisville MSA, as established by the Office ofManagement and Budget and based upon data from the U.S. Census Bureau, includesthe Counties of Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham in Kentucky and the Counties ofClark, Floyd, Harrison, and Scott in Indiana. Responsibility for public healthand environmental protection from air pollution for areas within the LouisvilleMSA is held by the Air Pollution Control District of Jefferson County, theKentucky Division for Air Quality, and the Indiana Department of EnvironmentalManagement;

Whereas, The EPA guidance indicates that where more than onejurisdiction is involved with respect to an area, close coordination is neededso that consistent and coordinated boundary recommendations are submitted by theGovernors;

Whereas, The EPA guidance further specifies the factors that shouldbe considered if a boundary recommendation larger or smaller than the MSA issubmitted by a Governor. These factors include the following:

  • The degree of urbanization, including commercial development,
  • The traffic and commuting patterns,
  • The expected growth, including the extent, pattern, and rate of growth,
  • The local/regional meteorology, including windflow patterns,
  • The geography of the area,
  • The jurisdictional boundaries; e.g., counties, and
  • The level of control of emission sources;

Whereas, The Regional Air Quality Steering Committee for Clark and Floyd Counties strongly encourages the inclusion of Harrison County for the 8-hour ozone standard nonattainment area, recognizing the significant recent andexpected future commercial and vehicular growth in Harrison County; and

Whereas, The Air Pollution Control Board of Jefferson County (Board) has considered the applicability of these factors with respect to the characteristics of the Counties in the Louisville MSA; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Board recommends to the Honorable Paul E. Patton, Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky, that he recommend the entire Counties of Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham to be included in the Kentucky portion of the Louisville nonattainment area for the 8-hour ozone standard; and

Resolved, That the Board recommends to the Honorable Frank O’Bannon, Governor, State of Indiana, that he recommend, at a minimum, the entire Counties of Clark, Floyd, and Harrison to be included in the Indiana portion of the Louisville nonattainment area for the 8-hour ozone standard.

Adopted June 21, 2000



Robert W. Powell, M.D.



Jonathan L. Trout