Board Resolution, 3/21/2001


Air Pollution Control Board of Jefferson County

Commendation of Bee Line Courier Service


Whereas , Jefferson County faces significant air quality challenges;

Whereas , Emissions from cars and trucks play a key role in local airquality problems;

Whereas , Cleaner vehicles are becoming more available, including zero-emission, electric vehicles;

Whereas , Bee Line Courier Service has acquired for its own use and distribution zero-emission, electric Sparrow vehicles; and

Whereas , Bee Line Courier Service's vehicle fleetupgrades will help improve local air quality; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Air Pollution Control Board of Jefferson County, That Bee Line Courier Service is hereby commended for its acquisition, use, and promotion of these zero-emission Sparrows and for the improvement that they offer for local air quality, public health, and economic vitality.


Adopted March 21, 2001




Robert W. Powell, M.D.



Jonathan L. Trout