Idle Free Louisville

Idle Free Louisville

Do your part.
Pledge to be idle free!

Did you know…

  • The average driver spends 6 minutes per day idling unnecessarily
  • In Louisville, unnecessary idling wastes about 4 million gallons of fuel per year

Reducing unnecessary idling is a simple way to:

  • Save money
  • Protect your health
  • And improve air quality

It’s easy, just remember to follow the 10 second rule…


If you’re going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds, turn the engine off. You’ll save gas, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and minimize harmful emissions of air pollution.


Why pledge to be idle free?

Photo of a hand turning the ignition key of a car

Save money and fuel.

Idling uses more fuel and causes more wear and tear than turning the engine off for short periods.

Protect everyone’s health, including yours.

Vehicle exhaust contains more than 40 hazardous air pollutants and carcinogens. Studies show that exposure to vehicle exhaust can increase risk of respiratory illness and cancer.

Improve air quality.

In Louisville, the major air quality issues include unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter, ground-level ozone, and toxic air contaminants. Idling contributes to all three.

Want to learn more?

Have you ever heard that idling is good for your car? That you save fuel if you leave the truck running instead of turning it off then back on? Or, that you need to warm the engine before you drive it?

There are a lot of myths out there about vehicle idling. What you don’t know may surprise you. Visit Idling Myths & Facts to learn more. For even more ways to help improve air quality in our community please visit Kentuckiana Air Education – KAIRE – at

Have a business or school?

Check out our Idle Free Business Tool Kit and our Idle Free School Tool Kit for more information on creating an Idle Reduction Policy for your company, school, or organization.