Monitoring Sites

Small image of a map of APCD's ambient air monitoring sites The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District is responsible for ambient air pollution monitoring in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Most of the monitoring is conducted at air monitoring stations or sites. Sites may have just one monitor or multiple monitors depending on the monitoring objective(s). Other sites may have additional support equipment such as meteorological instruments that measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, precipitation, humidity, and solar radiation.

The number of monitoring sites may vary from year to year and the monitoring network is evaluated annually to determine if changes to the network are needed. Sites may be added if a need is identified or may be discontinued if the monitoring objective has been fulfilled. To insure national consistency in air monitoring data, EPA requires that all sites meet certain criteria and that monitors are operated using approved procedures. To meet these requirements, network plans are developed and submitted to EPA for review and approval. The table below lists the current air monitoring sites operated by APCD. For additional details on each site including a picture, click on the site names in the table below.

Site Name Location Objective(s) Year Estab. Parameters Monitored
Bates Elementary 7601 Bardstown Rd Population exposure 1973 Ozone, PM2.5
Cannons Lane 2730 Cannons Ln National Core Monitoring Station (NCore),
urban scale,
population exposure
2009 Ozone, PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, CO, Lead, Meteorological data, PM2.5 speciation, Radiation, NOy, PMcoarse
Durrett Lane 1517 Durrett Lane Maximum concentration 2014 NO2, CO, PM2.5
Firearms Training 4201 Algonquin Pkwy Population exposure 1978 SO2
Southwick Community Center 3621 Southern Ave Population exposure 1983 PM2.5, PM10, Meteorological data
Watson Lane Elementary 7201 Watson Ln Population exposure 1992 Ozone, PM2.5, SO2, Meteorological data

There are additional monitoring sites in the region that are not located in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Information on these monitoring sites can be found in the states’ Annual Ambient Air Monitoring Network Plans.