Programs & Outreach

Managing many air pollution emissions, like those from factories and businesses, can be achieved through APCD regulations. Other emissions, like those from cars and personal energy use, are harder to address because they require changes in behavior. To reduce these emissions, APCD is involved in a variety of voluntary programs, activities, and initiatives.

APCD is engaged in several activities that encourage residents and businesses in our area to reduce air pollution emissions. APCD provides community outreach programs to help individuals become aware of air friendly choices they can make in their daily lives. It also supports businesses by providing compliance assistance, grant and loan opportunities, and by reviewing development plans.

To continue the work of meeting the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, APCD also collaborates with community members and other government entities to identify emission reduction strategies and integrate air quality principles in a variety of community initiatives.

  • KAIRE is APCD's community outreach and education program for the Louisville metro area. Enhancing our neighborhoods and quality of life helps to ensure environmental and economic health for residents. KAIRE's primary goal is to increase public awareness of the impact individual choices can have on local air quality.
  • In 2010, APCD hosted our Clearing the Air Seminar Series. The goal of the series was to educate residents and the business community about air quality challenges Louisville is facing, and opportunities to be a part of the solution.