Clearing the Air Seminar Series

In 2010, APCD hosted a seminar series. The goal of the series was to educate residents and the business community about:
  1. Air quality challenges Louisville is facing, and
  2. Opportunities to be a part of the solution.

The presentations below were presented during the seminar series. APCD staff continue to present on these topics to groups around the community. If you are interested in having APCD come and speak to your group on one of these topics or other air quality related issues, please contact us at (502) 574-6000.

Air Quality 101
In this presentation, APCD Executive Director Lauren Anderson took an in-depth look at Louisville’s past and present air quality challenges, the community’s success in dealing with those challenges, and the new hurdles that lie ahead.

Managing Buildings and Grounds for Air Quality
This seminar focused on everyday activities and operations that contribute to air pollution, specifically the maintenance and operation of places of business. Engineers from the University of Louisville’s Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center were on hand to discuss strategies for businesses, industries and other organizations to develop environmentally sustainable, cost-saving solutions for improved efficiency and emissions reductions.

Lawn Care for Cleaner Air
This presentation featured APCD’s award-winning Lawn Care for Cleaner Air program where residents earn rebates for trading in gasoline-powered lawn equipment for more air-friendly electric or battery models. Details were also given on the air quality benefits of converting lawns to landscaped areas that require less mowing.

Idle Reduction Toolkit: Turn the Key for Cleaner Fleets
During this seminar, APCD unveiled its Idle Free Louisville campaign Toolkit for Business, aimed at reducing vehicle idling in our community. The goal of the program is to debunk myths and educate businesses and residents about the health impacts and economic benefits of turning off an idling engine.

You and Your Car: The Key to Cleaner Air and Greater Fuel Efficiency
Presenters from KAIRE-Kentuckiana Air Education focused on the connection between auto maintenance and fuel efficiency as it relates to air quality. The effort can both save money and helps us all breathe easier.

Commercial & Residential Energy Efficiency
Representatives from Louisville Gas and Electric educated business owners and residents on steps to save energy and improve the bottom line. APCD staff also explained the air quality benefits of energy savings.

It All Adds Up: A Guide to Air Monitoring
Many people don’t know about the sophisticated system of monitoring that measures just how clean Louisville’s air has become. In this presentation, APCD’s Air Monitoring chief looked at the pollutants the agency monitors, the ways it measures them, and how that’s always changing in our community.

State of the Air
In the year’s final seminar, APCD Executive Director Lauren Anderson looked back on a 2010 full of change in the air quality field. Among other things, she examined trends in air quality data, changes in pollution standards, and challenges for the future.