Pollution Prevention


 What is Pollution Prevention?

Pollution prevention (P2) is defined as "the use of materials, processes, or practices that reduce or eliminate the creation of pollutants or wastes at the source. P2 includes practices that reduce the use of hazardous and nonhazardous materials, energy,water, or other resources as well as those that protect natural resources throughconservation or more efficient use" (EPA, 1992).

APCD's Pollution Prevention Program

Mission Statement

In order to protect the health and promote the welfare of the citizens of Jefferson County, Kentucky, and to assist industry in Jefferson County to operate more efficiently and economically, it is the policy of the Air Pollution Control District (District) to reduce the level of pollution entering the air, water, and land by encouraging the use of Pollution Prevention (P2) principles. The District's goal is for P2 to become integral to policy and an ever more important means of reducing pollution in general, and air pollution in particular. The mission of the District is to promote to the greatest extent practicable the implementation and integration of P2 concepts by the District, the regulated community, individuals, and municipalities.

The District currently has a P2 Team consisting of the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO), the Engineering Supervisor of the permitting group, an engineer who serves as the P2 coordinator and contact for liaison with the EPA Region 4, Jefferson County industry, and sister agencies. The P2 Team operates on an as-needed basis. Other District staff may be called upon to participate as needed and may include the Enforcement Supervisor, a representative from the gas station group, and a representative from the field services group.

Voluntary Emission Reductions Reporting (2003)

During 2003, certain facilities were required by an Air Pollution Control Board resolution to report voluntary emissions reductions made that summer.

See the slides from the drycleaner P2/energy conservation presentation held Feb. 28, 2002.