Emissions Inventory FAQs

Q: Are all FEDOOPs and Minor sources required to submit annual emissions reports for 2013?
A: No, all Title V sources and selected others are required to submit annual emissions reports. The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (APCD) sends letters to any companies that are required to report annual emissions. However, the APCD may require any source to report its actual emissions. All stationary sources shall maintain annual records of emissions. 

Q: Are the forms posted on the APCD website required to be used, or can the required information be submitted using Microsoft Excel?
A: Microsoft Excel may be used in place of the forms (except for Forms E99, E91T, and E92T) as long as all the information that is required by the forms is provided; e.g. this is illustrated by Forms E10T being tables in Microsoft Excel. Form E99 must be submitted and signed by the Responsible Official of the permitted facility. Forms E91T and E92T must be submitted without modification due to database constraints. All other forms from last year may be used as long as the additional information requested on this year’s forms is also provided. If there is any discrepancy between emissions reported on the forms or in the calculations, emissions reported on Form E99 will take precedence.

Q: If Form E45 is completed, are Forms E40 and E50 required, and vice versa?
A: No, Form E45 may be used to replace Forms E40 and E50. 

Q: Are insignificant activities required to be included in the annual emissions report?
A: Yes, regardless of whether they are insignificant by a case-by-case determination of being less than five (5) tons per year of a regulated air pollutant and less than 1,000 pounds per year of a hazardous air pollutant or on the Title V Listing of “Insignificant Activities,” they must be included in the emissions report. 

Q: Are trivial or exempt activities required to be included in the annual emissions report?
A: Trivial activities are not required to be included in the annual emissions report. All are activities are required to conform to the regulations regardless of permitting status. 

Q: Is the welding form E43 required for all sources that have welding onsite?
A: Form E43 is optional. However, emissions from onsite welding activities are required as long as they are not on the Title V Listing of “Trivial Activities.” 

Q: What is the basis for the three (3) categories listed for the emissions reporting forms (large facilities >30 processes, medium facilities < 30 processes, small facilities < 10 processes).
A: The different reporting options based on the facility’s size are guides designed to help both the permittee and LMAPCD in preparing, submitting and reviewing the annual emissions report. The cutoff for the number of processes is not firm. If a different option is more favorable for your facility, then you may use a different category, within reason.