List of Title V Operating Permits

Title V operating permitsThe following Jefferson County facilities have been issued Title V operating permits or are in the process of applying for one. Click on the status code to see the explanation of status codes. If you can't find a company in the list, check for name changes below and see the list of former Title V plants.  Permits and summaries are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To make an open records request regarding any of these listed companies, contact Colette McConville at (502) 574-6000. To add your name to the Title V notification list, you can sign up online to receive notifications by e-mail or contact Donna Anthony at (502) 574-6000. Written requests may be forwarded to Donna Anthony, Air Pollution Control District, 850 Barret Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204.

Where the company name or plant name is a link, the link will open the company's web site in a new window. These links are provided for your information; the District does not necessarily endorse the companies listed here.

Plants with Current Title V Operating Permits or Applications in Process

Company and Plant Name Status and Permit Effective Date Start/End Public Comment Public Notice Start/End EPA 45-Day Review Permit Permit Summary
American Synthetic Rubber Corp. (Div. of Michelin) 10
9/4/05-10/4/05 9/4/05 12/22/05-2/6/06 154-97-TV (R1) Statement of Basis
BAE Systems 10
12/13/12-1/14/13 12/13/12 2/6/13-3/22/13 142-97-TV(R3) Statement of Basis
Brown-Forman Bluegrass Cooperage Co. (McLean Ave.) 10
2/26/12-3/28/12 02/26/12 2/26/12-4/12/12 135-97-TV(R2) Statement of Basis
Brown-Forman Early Times (Dixie Hwy.) 10
3/04/12-4/03/12 3/04/12 3/04/12-4/18/12 136-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Caldwell Tanks, Inc. 10
10/18/2011(1st renewal)
9/06/11-10/05/11 9/03/11 9/06/11- 10/20/11 134-97-TV(R2) Statement of Basis
Carbide Industries LLC 10
12/20/13-1/20/14 12/20/13 12/20/13-2/4/14 140-97-TV(R2) Statement of Basis
Clariant Corporation Louisville West Plant (Formerly Sud-Chemie) 10
6/14/14-7/14/14 6/13/14 6/14/14-7/29/14 27755-14-TV Statement of Basis
Clariant Corporation Louisville South Plant (Formerly Sud-Chemie) 10
2/22/14-3/24/14 2/21/14 2/22/14-4/8/14 27759-14-TV Statement of Basis
Conco, Inc. 10
11/17/12-12/17/12 11/17/12 11/17/12-1/02/13 88-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
E.I. DuPont de Nemours 10
3/2/13-4/2/13 3/2/13 3/2/13-4/17/12 160-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Eckart America Aluminum 10
6/5/14-7/7/14 6/4/14 6/5/14-7/21/14 143-97-TV (R1) Statement of Basis
Ford Motor Kentucky Truck Plant (Chamberlain Lane) 10
2/22/12-3/24/12 2/22/12 2/22/12-4/08/12 150-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Ford Motor Louisville Assembly Plant (Fern Valley Road) 10
10/15/2010(1st renewal)
6/11/10-7/11/10 6/11/10 7/19/10-9/2/10 147-97-TV (R2) Statement of Basis
GE Consumer & Industrial (formerly GE Appliances) 10
9/7/09-10/7/09 9/5/09 11/25/09-1/08/10 155-97-TV (R2) Statement of Basis
Industrial Container Services  (formerly Allied Drum Services) 10
(1st renewal)
4/1/11 8/02/11 139-97-TV (R1) Statement of Basis
Kentucky Trailer Company (a.k.a. Kentucky Manufacturing), Logistics Drive 10
7/19/12-8/20/12  7/19/12  7/19/12-9/4/12  28557-12-TV  Statement of Basis 
Kosmos Cement Company (a Cemex company) 10
10/22/00-11/21/00 10/22/00 11/30/00-1/14/01 156-97-TV Statement of Basis
LLFlex, LLC (formerly Reynolds Metals Company), Louisville Laminating Plant [Burnett Ave.] 10
(1st renewal)
2/08/12-3/09/12 2/18/12 2/18/12-4/3/12 148-97-TV(R3) Statement of Basis
Louisville Gas and Electric Cane Run Station (Cane Run Road) 10
12/17/00-1/20/01 12/17/00 8/14/02-9/27/02 175-00-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Louisville Gas and Electric Cane Run Station (Cane Run Road) 6,8
(1st renewal)
8/30/14-9/29/14 8/29/14 8/30/14-9/29/14 175-00-TV(R2) Statement of Basis
Louisville Gas and Electric Mill Creek Station (Dixie Hwy.) 10
(1st renewal)
6/5/14-7/7/14 6/4/14 6/5/14-7/21/14 145-97-TV (R1) Statement of Basis
Louisville Gas and Electric Paddy's Run Station (Bells Lane) 10
(1st renewal)
11/1/12-12/3/12 10/31/12 11/1/12-12/18/12 130-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Louisville Gas and Electric Zorn Generating Station (River Road) 10
4/22/2014 (2nd renewal)
3/6/14-4/7/14 3/5/14 3/6/14-4/21/14 131-97-TV (R3) Statement of Basis 
Louisville Medical Center Steam Plant 10
9/30/2009 (1st renewal)
6/15/09-7/14/09 6/13/09 7/20/09-9/2/09 89-97-TV (R1) Statement of Basis
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. (formerly Noveon) 10
Amendment 2/8/04
129-97-TV Statement of Basis
Marathon Petroleum Company LLC (formerly Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC) 10
4/15/2009 (1st renewal)
12/1/08-10/31/08 12/1/08 2/6/09-3/23/09 87-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Momentive Specialty Chemicals (formerly Hexion Specialty Chemicals, formerly Borden Chemicals) 6,8
8/10/14-9/9/14 8/9/14 8/10/14-9/24/14 74-03-TV Statement of Basis
Nuplex Resins (formerly Akzo Nobel Resins) 10
(1st renewal)
2/12/11- 3/14/11 2/12/11 5/28/11-7/11/11 120-97-TV(R2) Statement of Basis
Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility (Waste Management, Inc.) 10
(1st renewal)
4/20/13-5/20/13 4/20/13 4/20/13-6/4/13 149-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Recast Energy Louisville LLC (steam plant at former site of
OxyVinyls, LP
Louisville PVC Plant)
5/24/14-6/23/14 5/23/14 5/24/14-7/7/14 27652-14-TV Statement of Basis
Reynolds Consumer Products, Louisville Foil Plant (Hale Ave.) 10
4/15/12-5/15/12 4/14/12 4/15/12-5/30/12 158-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
Rohm and Haas Kentucky, Inc. - Louisville Plant (div. of Dow Chemical) - renewal 10
5/12/14-6/11/14 5/10/14; 6/28/14 5/12/14-6/26/14; 6/28/14-7/29/14 157-97-TV(R3) Statement of Basis
Sam Meyers, Inc. 10
1/22/2012(1st renewal)
11/06/11-12/06/11 11/06/11 11/06/11-12/21/11 91-97-TV Statement of Basis
Texas Gas Transmission LLC 10
04/28/2010 (1st renewal)
2/5/10-3/8/10 2/5/10 3/10/10-4/23/10 92-97-TV (R2) Statement of Basis
United Parcel Service 10
2/7/13-3/8/13 2/6/13 4/25/13-6/12/13 146-97-TV(R1) Statement of Basis
University of Louisville Belknap Campus steam and chilled water plant 10
5/9/13-6/10/13 5/8/13 5/9/13-6/24/13 329-03-TV (R3) Statement of Basis
Zeon Chemicals LP 10
(3rd renewal)
7/20/13-8/20/13 7/19/13 7/20/13-9/5/13 151-97-TV(R3) Statement of Basis

Application Status Codes

Code Status Code Status
W Withdrawn application 5 Draft complete
0 Application complete 6 Public Notice (draft permit)
1 File review 7 Response to comments
2 Site visit/questions 8 EPA review (proposed permit)
3 Technical review 9 Response to EPA comments
4 Additional data request 10 Final permit issued


Former Title V Plants

Company and Plant Name Explanation
Altuglas International division of Arkema Group (formerly AtoGlas division of ATOFINA, Inc.) A FEDOOP was issued 8/31/2006.
American Bluegrass Marble Company A FEDOOP was issued 4/20/2006.
Corhart Refractories (div. of Saint-Gobain) This plant closed 4/20/2006.
DuPont Performance Elastomers (formerly DuPont Dow Elastomers) This plant closed 3/27/2008.
General Shale Products, LLC A FEDOOP was issued 5/15/2006.
Kentucky Trailer (formerly Kentucky Manufacturing Company), 3rd Street plant This plant closed 9/26/2011. The company has moved to a new plant; see Kentucky Trailer above.
Louisville Gas and Electric Waterside Station (Washington St.) This plant closed 1/19/2007.
Novelis Louisville Plant (formerly Alcan Aluminum Corporation) This plant closed 7/2/2008.
PolyOne (formerly Geon) A FEDOOP was issued 10/01/2011.
Superior Solvents and Chemicals, Inc. A FEDOOP was issued 3/15/2004.
Veterans Administration Louisville Medical Center A Minor source operating permit was issued 4/27/2012.


Name Changes

Plants are alphabetized above according to the current name of the plant or facility. However some companies have changed their name, merged with another company, or spun off as a new company in recent years. Some plants have kept their old name, while others have changed to the new company name. Here is a partial list of former, alternative, or new plant or company names and the name under which the plant is listed above:

If you are looking for See
Akzo Nobel Resins Nuplex Resins
Alcan Aluminum Novelis
Alcoa Foil Plant Reynolds Flexible Packaging
Alcoa Laminating Plant LLFlex
Allied Drum Services Industrial Container Services
Arkema Altuglas
ATOFINA Altuglas
BF Goodrich:  What was once the BF Goodrich plant on Bells Lane is divided into four parts:
  BFGoodrich Performance Materials Lubrizol Advanced Materials
  BFGoodrich synthetic rubber division Zeon
  Geon PolyOne
OxyVinyls Recast Energy
Borden Chemicals Momentive Specialty Chemicals
Carbide/Graphite Carbide Industries LLC
Cemex - The Louisville plant still uses the name Kosmos Kosmos Cement Company
DuPont Dow Elastomers DuPont Performance Elastomers
Elf Atochem Altuglas
Geon PolyOne
Geon: See also Recast Energy
General Electric Appliances GE Consumer & Industrial
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Momentive Specialty Chemicals
Kentucky Manufacturing Kentucky Trailer (new plant); Kentucky Trailer (closed plant)
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Marathon Petroleum
Noveon, Inc. Lubrizol Advanced Materials
OxyVinyls Recast Energy
Reynolds Metals Company LLFlex
Rohm & Haas: See also Altuglas
Southdown, Inc. Kosmos Cement Company (Cemex)
Sud-Chemie (South Plant) Clariant Corporation Louisville South Plant
Sud-Chemie (West Plant) Clariant Corporation Louisville West Plant
United Catalyst (South Plant) Clariant Corporation Louisville South Plant
United Catalyst (West Plant) Clariant Corporation Louisville West Plant
United Defense BAE Systems Land & Armaments
Waste Management - The Louisville landfill uses this name: Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility