Info on Aging Warehouse Emissions

The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District has found evidence of Baudoinia Compniacensis, more commonly known as "whiskey fungus" or "whiskey mold," in Louisville, Ky. While investigating complaints concerning alcohol odors and a black, sooty substance covering homes and property near whiskey aging warehouses, the APCD identified the presence of Baudoinia Compniacensis. District compliance officers also identified the odors as ethanol gas, a volatile organic compound (VOC) released from warehouses during the whiskey aging process.

The presence of ethanol odors directly correlate with the rapid growth of Baudoinia Compniacensis. While Baudoinia Compniacensis is a naturally occurring mold, it is normally slow growing and eclipsed by other faster producing molds. However, when it is introduced to ethanol rich environments, such as that surrounding a whiskey aging warehouse, it becomes uncharacteristically fast growing, resilient and adaptive to many environments. Thus, where whiskey aging warehouses exist, so will Baudoinia Compniacensis.

The APCD investigation has enabled us to release the following information concerning Baudoinia Compniacensis:

1. "Whiskey Aging Warehouses and the Effects to Surrounding Residential Neighborhoods." (Full report)

2. "Whiskey Aging Warehouses and the Effects to Surrounding Residential Neighborhoods." (Summary)

3. Expert analysis RE: Barton Brands Ltd. distillery in Bardstown, Ky.

This expert analysis was compiled pursuant to a civil lawsuit brought against Barton Brands in Bardstown, Ky., concerning a black, sooty substance that was later identified as Baudoinia Compniacensis. Shortly after this report was entered into evidence, the lawsuit was settled out of court.

4. Map of whiskey aging warehouse locations in Louisville.