Regulation Changes in 1997

These are APCD regulations that were amended, adopted or repealed in the calendar year 1997.

The regulation number links to the current version of the regulation, which is probably newer than the version listed here.  Contact us if you need a copy of an old version of a regulation. See "Help" for more information.

Reg. Title Version Date
1.02 Definitions of Terms Used in APCD Regulations 11/1997
1.04 Performance of Tests to Demonstrate Compliance 11/1997
2.08 Emission Fees, Permit Fees and Permit Renewal Procedures 4/1997
6.43 Volatile Organic Compound Emission Reduction Requirements 5/1997
6.47 Federal Acid Rain Program for Existing Sources 11/1997
7.09 Standards of Performance for New Process Gas Streams 6/1997
7.82 Federal Acid Rain Program for New Sources 11/1997
8.01 Mobile Source Emissions Control Requirements
(Repealed in 2003.)
8.02 Vehicle Emissions Testing Procedure
(Repealed in 2003.)