Regulation Changes in 1999

These are APCD regulations that were amended, adopted or repealed in the calendar year 1999.

The regulation number links to the current version of the regulation, which is probably newer than the version listed here.  Contact us if you need a copy of an old version of a regulation. See "Help" for more information.

Reg. Title Version Date
1.01 General Application of Regulations and Standards 3/1999
1.15 Version of Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference 7/1999
1.16 REPEALED: Standards for VOC Content of Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings 10/1999
2.08 Emission Fees, Permit Fees, Permit Renewal Procedures and Additional Program Fees 6/1999
2.11 Air Quality Model Usage 5/1999
5.02 Federal Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Incorporated by Reference 7/1999
5.15 Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions 7/1999
5.16 Control Technology Requirements for New and Reconstructed Major Stationary Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants 6/1999
6.09 Standards of Performance for Existing Process Operations 3/1999
6.42 RACT Requirements for Major VOC- and NOx-Emitting Facilities 3/1999
7.02 Federal New Source Performance Standards Incorporated by Reference 7/1999
7.08 Standards of Performance for New Process Operations 3/1999
7.78 Standards of Performance for New Medical Waste Incinerators 3/1999
8.01 Mobile Source Emissions Control Requirements
(Repealed in 2003.)