STAR Regulation 5.30 Report and Plan of Action

This Proposed Report and Plan of Action is the result of the collaborative effort of the members of the Stakeholder Group that began in July of 2006. The Plan of Action is comprised of 35 recommendations of the full Stakeholder Group, which are included in Section 14. Recommendation 13 establishes the recommended environmental acceptability (EA) goals for the source sectors assessed pursuant to Regulation 5.30. These EA goals continue the concepts adopted by the Board in Regulation 5.21 for large and moderate stationary sources and include an overall cumulative cancer risk EA goal of 25 in one million and a single chemical noncancer risk goal of a hazard quotient of 1.0. The Stakeholder Group recognized that there may be some situations for which the employment of current technology will not allow the goal to be reached. In those instances, the Stakeholder Group emphasized the need for public education regarding land use and site planning to minimize exposure to high levels of risk, especially for highly sensitive populations such as schools, recreational facilities, and daycare centers.

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