AQTF-PM Meetings

This page lists meetings of the Fine Particle Air Quality Task Force for the Louisville metropolitan area and its committees.  the meeting are listed in reverse chronological order (latest first).


12/20/2007 Task Force Meeting
12/13/2007 Report and Plan of Action Committee
12/7/2007 Task Force Meeting
11/29/2007 Task Force meeting
11/15/2007 Task Force meeting
11/8/2007 Report and Plan of Action Committee
10/25/2007 Health Committee
10/24/2007 Stationary and Area Source Committee
10/22/2007 Mobile and Nonroad Mobile Source Committee
10/18/2007 Task Force meeting
10/16/2007 Report and Plan of Action Committee
MNRMS Committee
10/12/2007 SAS Committee
10/11/2007 EIMD Committee
10/10/2007 Health Committee
10/5/2007 EIMD Committee
SAS Committee
10/4/2007 MNRMS Committee
10/3/2007 Health Committee
9/28/2007 EIMD Committee
SAS Committee
9/27/2007 MNRMS Committee
9/26/2007 Health Committee
9/21/2007 EIMD Committee
9/20/2007 SAS Committee
MNRMS Committee
9/19/2007 Health Committee
EIMD Committee
9/14/2007 SAS Committee
9/13/2007 RAPA Committee
9/10/2007 SAS Committee
9/7/2007 EIMD Committee
8/29/2007 EIMD Committee
SAS Committee
8/23/2007 Task Force meeting
7/26/2007 Task Force meeting
6/28/2007 Task Force meeting
5/24/2007 Initial Task Force meeting