Idling Reduction Working Group


Over the past several years, three APCD stakeholder groups (ozone, toxics, and fine particles) have identified engine idling as a significant air quality issue and recommended that APCD work to reduce idling in Louisville. Idling reduction can help this community comply with and maintain strict federal air quality standards because “it all adds up to cleaner air.” Other benefits of reduced idling include improved public and economic health throughout Louisville. See Idling 101 for more general information on engine idling.

In response to recommendations to reduce idling, APCD formed the Idling Reduction Working Group (IRWG) in April 2008. The IRWG brought together stakeholders from across the community to help APCD examine issues associated with a restriction to reduce idling. The IRWG developed an advisory report outlining stakeholder comments on idling restriction issues. APCD’s goal was to develop an idling restriction package that will protect the health of Louisvillians while minimizing negative economic impacts on local business and industry.


The IRWG met the 3rd Friday of every month from April through September 2008 to discuss the major elements of an idling regulation including scope, enforcement, compliance and exemptions. See the complete list of meetings for more information.

IRWG Documents and Links

See the Documents and Links page for the IRWG Advisory Report, logistics documents, idling reduction studies, a comprehensive idling restriction review, dispersion modeling projections and more.

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For more information on idling reduction or the IRWG, please contact APCD by email or by phone at (502) 574-6000.

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