Grow More Mow Less

Grow More Mow Less 

There's turfgrass we use and turfgrass we don't use.  All of it has to be mowed.  And that affects our air quality.  The average gas-powered push mower produces 14.76 pounds of air pollution in an hour.  That's enough polluting gas to surround you in a big bubble.  Electric mowers are much cleaner, but the cleanest way of all is not to mow in the first place.

So if your turfgrass is using you more than you use it, you might think about replacing it with something you don't have to mow.  Low-mow landscaping can save you time, money, and hassle--and make our air cleaner--all at the same time.

There are lots of options to choose from:  trees, shrubs, flowers, groundcover, edible plants, and even low-mow grasses.  Whether you want to mow once in a while or never again, these plants can help you displace turfgrass and save mowing time.

Now is a great time to grow more and mow less!

Great Low-Mow Plants
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6 steps
Steps to Convert from Turfgrass to Low-Mow

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Rebates on Air-Friendly Lawn Equipment 


PS  If you still want to mow, we have a program for that, too.  Learn about our rebate program for air-friendly lawn equipment.

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