Save on Select Plants

The following local nurseries and service providers are offering 10% discounts on plants and installations that displace turfgrass for Louisvillians who follow three simple steps: 

  1. Mention "Grow More Mow Less" or bring in one of our Courier-Journal advertisements to a participating retailer;
  2. Fill out this form; and
  3. Show the completed form to the retailer along with evidence that you are displacing turfgrass (ideally a photo).

Limbwalker Tree Service

10% off of "Tree Planting Program" installation of trees with grass-displacing, tree-nourishing mulch rings (not valid with other offers).

Dropseed Nursery:  10% off of trees, shrubs, groundcover, and native grasses (installation and labor not included). 

Frank Otte's (Bardstown Rd)10% off of shrubs, groundcover, and ornamental grasses.

Would your business like to take part in the Grow More Mow Less discount program?  Contact us at (502) 574-5322 or to learn how to participate.