Environmental Stewardship Award Nomination

Nominations should include a narrative description of the types of plants used, the maintenance activities and equipment used, composting activities, and can include picture(s) of the vegetation and/or maintenance equipment and techniques.

You can submit a nomination online using the form below or you can print out the Environmental Stewardship award nomination form in PDF and send it to:
Lawn Care for Cleaner Air
Air Pollution Control District
850 Barret Ave., Louisville, KY 40204. 
Comments or letters of support from others may be included.  If you have any questions, you can ask them by e-mail, write to the address above, or call (502) 574-6000.

  • Awards are determined by an APCD staff committee, which may include outside consultants, and certificates are mailed to recipients.
  • APCD displays photographs of award-winning low-maintenance landscaped properties on its website. Awardees may choose whether photos of their properties are published.
  • Awards given to business properties are given without regard to permits, regulations, enforcement, or fines activity by APCD staff. The awards do not reflect any endorsement of the company, its products, or practices.

Nomination Form

Please enter your name, phone number and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes but enter the address of the property you are nominating (which may be your own address) in the "Address" box.  All the boxes must be filled in.

In the "Details" box at the bottom, please briefly describe the site:

  • Specify which category the landscaping site falls in:  home, business/government, non-profit/faith-based, apartment building, school, youth, professional landscaper.
  • Specify if it is your property or identify the property owner.
  • List the general types of plants and materials: grass, flowers, vegetables, rocks, bricks, gravel, mulch, etc., and whether any of the plants are native to the region, if known.
  • List the types of lawn care or gardening equipment used, if any.
  • Describe any composting activities.
  • Tell how long the property has been maintained without gasoline-powered equipment.
  • Estimate how many hours/week of mowing/weeding with gasoline-powered equipment are avoided by using this type of landscaping.
  • Explain briefly why you think it deserves an Environmental Stewardship award.

Thank you!

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