Professional Equipment Rebate Program


Maybe you're a landscaping pro, or maybe you just have a big yard.  Either way, there probably hasn't been much electric equipment that met your needs until now.  At last, two companies have come out with battery-powered lawn equipment tough enough, powerful enough, and durable enough to handle big yards and professional workloads.  APCD is happy to offer rebates on professional-grade string trimmers, leaf blowers, and their batteries larger than 20.5v.  We have also partnered with STIHL and their local distributer, Bryan Equipment Sales, to offer even bigger rebates on STIHL battery-powered string trimmers, leaf blowers, batteries, and commercial packages.

Eligible Equipment

How to Get a Professional Rebate

  1. Go to one of our participating retailers;
  2. Recycle a gas string trimmer or leaf blower*; and
  3. Provide proof of residency or business in Jefferson County, Ky.**

*You do not need to recycle a battery to buy a battery, but there is a limit of 4 battery rebates per string trimmer or leaf blower.

**You do not have to be a lawn care professional to take part in this program

Participating Retailers

If you qualify for a rebate, a participating retailer can give you one by taking dollars off the purchase price when you buy your new battery-powered equipment.  Many commercial dealers will also recycle your old equipment for you.  The following are participating retailers:


The Mower Shop 7400 Preston Hwy, 40219 (502) 969-6433
Bluegrass Lawn & Garden   12711 Dixie Hwy, 40272 (502) 933-1724
Limestone Farm Lawn &
9812 Vista Hills Blvd., 40291  (502) 239-8484
Beard’s Outdoor Power
6159 W. Hwy 146,
Crestwood, KY
(502) 241-7986


The Mower Shop 7400 Preston Hwy, 40219 (502) 969-6433
Fairdale Hardware & Rental      401 Fairdale Rd, 40118     (502) 366-7444
Jacobi Sales, Inc. 6500 Bardstown Rd, 40291  (502) 231-5500
Phelps Hardware  5203 Elzie, 40272 (502) 937-4030
2M Tractor  960 S Preston Hwy,
Shepherdsville, KY
 (502) 955-7011
Mister Hardware 1035 N Luther Rd,
Georgetown, IN
(812) 923-9525
Taul Equipment 5670 Leitchfield Loop
Cecilia, KY
(270) 862-4670
Louisville Tractor         1675 Watterson Trail, 40299 (502) 267-8237

Louisville Metro Residency or Business Requirement 

The Lawn Care for Cleaner Air rebate program is only open to businesses or residents of Jefferson County, Ky. You must provide a copy of your proof of residency (e.g., your driver’s license) or business (e.g., a Jefferson County business license) to the participating dealer when purchasing new equipment. Failure to do so will result in not receiving a rebate.

Mandatory Recycling Requirement

You must recycle a gas string trimmer or gas leaf blower in order to get a rebate for an electric string trimmer or leaf blower.  Equipment may be recycled either at participating retailers or one of the three Louisville Metro recycling centers listed below.

Louisville Metro Recycling Centers

If your participating retailer does not recycle commercial equipment, you can trade-in your equipment at the following recycling centers and receive a blue commercial recycling voucher:

  1. Metro Recycling Center # 1, 595 Hubbards Lane, accepting lawn equipment year round, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., (502) 896-1293.
  2. Metro Recycling Center # 2, 7219 Dixie Highway, accepting lawn equipment March through September, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., (502) 933-5682.
  3. Metro Waste Reduction Center, 636 Meriwether Avenue, accepting lawn equipment March through September, Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., (502) 574-2887.

Take the blue recycling voucher to a participating retailer, along with your proof of Louisville Metro residency or business, and get a rebate on eligible equipment.

If you have questions about the Lawn Care Rebate Program that are not answered on this website, please e-mail us at, or call us at (502) 574-6000.