Lawn Care Rebate Request Form

For equipment purchased at non-participating dealers

If you have purchased your eligible electric or human-powered lawn care equipment from a non-participating dealer, please send this form and the following documents to:

Lawn Care Rebate Program
LOUISVILLE, KY 40204-1745

  •  Original lawn equipment purchase receipt from area dealer to qualify for a Standard Rebate without trade-in. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  •  Original notarized green voucher from the recycling center (if you traded-in a used gas appliance for new eligible equipment) to qualify for a Bonus Rebate. Photocopies are not accepted.
  •  Proof of Jefferson County residency. (Photocopy of driver’s license or equivalent State ID.)

Your info:

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City, State: __________________________________________

Zip: _____________

Phone (daytime): ____________________  Evening: ___________________

Dealer you bought the equipment from: __________________________________________________________________

Dealer Address: __________________________________________________________________

Amount of rebate requested:  $___________  Date purchased:____/____/__________

Make & model of new electric lawn care equipment: ___________________________________________________________________

How long does it take to mow your lawn? _________  How often do you mow? ____________

  • Refunds requested from dealer will be issued according to the dealer’s policies, minus the rebate received.
  • Qualified rebates will be mailed within 60 days.