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Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) receives an average of over 10,000 animals each year. Thousands are brought to our shelter as a result of service requests from the community including abuse and neglect cases and many are surrendered by their owners.

Metro Animal Services employs Animal Control Officers who investigate over 27,000 complaints in an average year that range from bite cases to severe inhumane treatment. They drive over 225,000 miles a year covering Louisville Metro's 386 sq. miles. Officers are on duty seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and respond to emergencies 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Besides enforcing the Louisville Metro Animal Care and Control Ordinance, LMAS has an animal care staff that includes a veterinary staff, adoption coordinators and a community engagement team. The animal care staff spends countless hours caring for the animals at our two facilities and searching for loving, forever homes through our adoption, foster or rescue programs.

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Animal Services has a fundamental mission to protect public health and safety, ensure the humane treatment of animals and provide quality, professional service to the public. LMAS will serve as an authority in animal welfare by creating and preserving a safe and humane community for both people and animals. LMAS strives to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Louisville Metro through education, community engagement, enforcement and leadership efforts.

Core Services/Programs

What the department provides to residents to fulfill its mission and help meet Louisville Metro Government’s 5 strategic objectives.

Animal Care & Sheltering - To ensure the health, wellness and humane care of the animals in the care and custody of the Department of Animal Services.

Field Services, Enforcement, & Rescue - To protect and serve the citizens and animals of Louisville Metro through response, education, collaboration and enforcement.

Community Engagement - To educate and inform the public of all ages about animal-related issues including responsible pet ownership, the humane treatment of animals and adoption. Engage the community through education, collaboration and volunteerism to support animal welfare.

Animal Adoption & Placement - To care for the homeless and abandoned animals in our care and custody and to secure a permanent, loving home for every healthy adoptable animal in our care.

Administrative & Licensing - To provide quality, professional customer service to the citizens of Louisville Metro.


The functional objectives/high-level accomplishments the department strives to achieve through its efforts or work.

1. Increase the animal lifesaving rate and reduce euthanasia thereby working towards the eradication of euthanasia of adoptable animals in Louisville Metro.

2. Improve the quality of life and overall environment for the animals in the care and custody of LMAS.

3. Enhance public safety and animal protection thereby improving the overall quality of life for the citizens and animals of Louisville Metro.

4. Enhance agency efficiency and improve the quality and timeliness of the services provided by LMAS.

5. Establish a strong and effective community engagement program by expanding programs that involve citizens and offer volunteer opportunities.

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