How to Help the Animals

So you'd like to help animals but don't have the time to commit? Try some of these ideas!

Invite us to your neighborhood! Do you have neighbors you care about who need help with their pets? Invite our mobile unit, S.P.O.T. to the neighborhood and sponsor a spay  neuter/vaccination clinic. We can bring adoptable animals, educational materials, and licensing forms. Certain restriction apply.

Sponsor a cage collection! Animal Services is always in need of kennels, exercise pens, cat condos, and portable housing. Take a collection in your office to sponsor a kennel for a homeless animal!

Donate KONGs and peanut butter. Mentally occupied animals are healthier and have a better quality stay at our shelter. Donations of KONGS and treats to stuff inside them keep our animal residents from getting bored.

For more ideas, see our wish list!