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Tag Your Pet!

Four ways to license a dog, cat or ferret in Louisville:

License your
pet online

Download &

License your pet
at a vet

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rabies, license &
microchip clinics

What are the Benefits to Licensing Your Pet?
  • Being reunited with your pet is just a phone call away: 365 days a year...dispatchers are on duty to help with the process. 
  • For those who find a lost licensed pet, it's your assurance that the pet has its updated rabies shots
  • Animal Services will escort your pet home if we find it lost
  • See more benefits (PDF)

Licensing Info & Fees

  • In Louisville, it's the law: All dogs, cats, and ferrets must be licensed at four months of age
  • Altered (spayed/neutered): $9.00
  • Unaltered: $50.00
  • Discounted Rate for Senior Citizens' pet licenses $4.50 (pets must be ALTERED to qualify, limit of two pets per household)
  • Please add $.50 for postage and processing for each license on mail-in applications

License Your Pet at a Vet!

You can also ask for a license when you purchase your rabies shot at these participating vet's offices:

Veterinarians Selling Licenses

  • All About Pets
  • Auburndale Animal Hospital
  • Audubon Animal Hospital
  • Banfield Animal Hospitals
  • Barbour Lane Animal Hospital
  • Bardstown Road Animal Hospital
  • Chenoweth Animal Hospital
  • Cherokee Animal Hospital
  • Crescent Hill Animal Hospital
  • Davis Animal Clinic
  • Derby City Animal Hospital
  • Doerr Animal Hospital
  • East Louisville Animal Hospital
  • Fairleigh Pet Center (Bardstown Road)
  • Fegenbush Lane Animal Clinic
  • Gailor Animal Hospital
  • Goose Creek Animal Clinic
  • Grimes-Wood Animal Hospital
  • Iroquois Animal Hospital
  • Jefferson Animal Hospital
  • Jefferson Animal Hospital East
  • Middletown Animal Hospital
  • Shelbyville Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Westport Road Animal Hospital
  • Whipps Mill Animal Hospital

Reasons to license your pet that go way beyond fashion!

To ensure public health and safety
Every licensed pet has been vaccinated against rabies. This protects your pets, children and neighbors against this transmittable disease! The LMAS license serving as proof of rabies vaccinations ensures public safety and peace of mind to any bite victim.

To help you reunite with your lost pet
With proper identification, your pet can be returned more quickly and sometimes without a trip to the shelter!

What many people may not know is that LMAS will even provide a ride home for the pet, if it is wearing a tag. License numbers provide LMAS staff with the pet owner’s contact information. So, if a LMAS Officer finds a roaming dog or cat wearing a license tag, the officer will bring the pet to the owner instead of the shelter.
If a citizen brings a lost pet to the shelter and it has its’ license tag, LMAS will let the pet owner know immediately.

Talk about peace of mind at a stressful time.

A license tag can be easily traced to the animal’s owner with a phone call to Metro Animal Services (LMAS) at (502) 363-6609 any time.  A license tag is your pet’s ticket home!

To support the adoption of unwanted pets
Your yearly license fee helps us create a safe and comfortable place for strays and unwanted pets. It also pays for services and education.

It’s the law!
The best way to support responsible dog ownership is to set a good example for others.