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Surrender an Animal

Metro Animal Services accepts all unwanted cats and dogs at our facility (see the Manslick Animal Care hours). There is no charge to surrender an animal, but we do accept donations (these will not necessarily guarantee placement of the animal).  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place them up for adoption.  The supply of homeless animals far outweighs the demand.  Last year in Jefferson County alone there were approximately 30,000 unwanted animals. 

Please remember that owning an animal is a lifetime commitment.  Before you place your pet with us, check with other rescue and placement organizations and fully explore all options. 

You may want to contact the Kentucky Humane Society Behavior Helpline 502-509-4PET or a trainer and solve any behavior problems before your give up.

LMAS offers low-cost clinics providing rabies vaccinations, microchipping and licensing.  Check our homepage for details.

Kentucky Humane Society’s S.N.I.P. Clinic offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs, which reduces pet overpopulation and can help elevate health concerns and many behavioral problems.

Finally, maturity (let them grow out of it) and sterilization (spaying and neutering) are ways to curb some of a dog or cat's bad habits.

If you advertise to give away your pet, you must also include your pet's license number in the advertisement. Always be very careful when placing your pet "for free." Sometimes these pets can be sold to research facilities or used as bait in dogfighting. Error on the side of caution before you agree on a new home. 

If you have exhausted all other placement options, Metro Animal Services is here to accept an unwanted pet. You can download our Owner Surrender Form to save time when you bring the animal in. We also ask you to complete a Dog History Form so that we can make a better match for your pet if s/he finds another home.