Volunteer Opportunities with MAS

Are you interested in helping save lives and serve your Metro Community by volunteering?  At Louisville Metro Animal Services, we rely on the support and hard work of our dedicated volunteers.  We ask all interested volunteers to first attend a volunteer orientation (please see our calendar for orientation dates).  Below are some of the things that our awesome volunteers do to help MAS out!   
    Front Desk
        *Assist MAS staff with daily shelter tasks and responsibilities
              *Greet visitors and answer questions about adoptable animals
    General Office Support:
         *Make copies and organize documents
         *Help with data entry, filing and mailings
         *Hang flyers/decorations as needed

    Cat Care
        *Socialize and work with cats/kittens
        *Brush cats/kittens
        *Clean litter boxes and refill water/food where needed

    Dog Care
        *Work on basic behavior training
        *Exercise and walk dogs
        *Take dogs with "Adopt Me" vests to community events and parks
    Kennel Helper (ongoing throughout the day):
Spot clean kennels 
        *Mop "Meet and Greet" rooms and hallways
        *Clean up dog play yards/dog walking area
        *Spot clean kennel/public windows

    General Cleaning:
        *Wash and fold laundry
        *Wash dishes, toys, kongs
        *Organize laundry, treats, food, and storage areas     

    Special Event Handlers
        *Handle dogs and supervise cats at offsite events  

        *Take tabletops and signs promoting volunteer opportunities, events and adoptable animals to businesses and community boards throughout Louisville

    Specialized Volunteer Opportunities:

      Manslick Road:  
        *Help with lost and found walk-thrus
        *Help staff intake animals
        *Clean dishes and help with laundry

        *Help with weekend off-site transports and dog adoptions at Petsmart

All volunteers must first attend a volunteer orientation and fill out required paperwork before any volunteer service can be performed.  Please check our calendar for upcoming orientation dates and contact Alisa Oerther, Community Engagement Supervisor, at 574-5556 with any questions.

*MAS has the following age requirements in place for volunteers: youth volunteers are accepted with parental/guardian supervision at age 14.  At age 16 youth volunteers can begin volunteering without a parent/guardian.

As a representative of Louisville Metro Animal Services, it is important that you set an excellent example for the community. Please be sure your pets are fully vaccinated and licensed if you plan to volunteer at our shelter.

LMAS no longer accepts court-ordered volunteers who need to complete community service hours.

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