Griff was our pet of the week on WHAS-TV.  His good looks and winning personality captured the hearts of many viewers.  The adopters are feeling like they won the lottery!


Hello from Willow Hill Stables,

We wanted to send you pictures of Griff that we adopted last week. We cannot thank you all enough for allowing the great little fellow to become part of our family. I was totally shocked when you said we could have him because so many people wanted him. It was like winning the lottery only better. When we took him to the vet ( Dr. Mark Nall) at the E-Town animal Hosp. Dr. Mark took a photo of Griff because he said his wife had called about him. She to saw him on T.V. They have a female Griffon.  I believe that it was meant to be. Griff is happy and doing well. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for little Griff. We will send you photos from time to time. Please show these photos to the gentleman that carried Griff around. He was so nice. I felt bad to take Griff from him. Thank you again and come visit us anytime.