The name Honey fits this three-year-old perfectly! She is an amazing animal with an even more amazing will to live. She has been a part of the Metro Animal Services family for about five months. Our Animal Control Officers brought Honey into the shelter after finding her as a stray with a compound fracture of her front leg. Our Veterinarian took care of Honey and after consultation it was decided that the best thing for this little girl was to amputate her left front leg in order to preserve her quality of life. Honey got more love than any dog could have ever expected from our vet staff. They spent countless hours nursing her back to health. As you can imagine, this was a very stressful time for the tan beauty. Nevertheless, her beaming personality paid off and pulled her through. She is now at Animal House Adoption Center waiting for her forever family. Honey spends a great deal of time hanging out with our adoption’s staff and playing outside! Her amputated leg doesn’t slow her down one bit. In fact, she will run, jump and play just like any other dog. Come visit Honey today to see if she would fit into your home!