Ink and Family

Ink is doing FANTASTIC! She is one of the most social kittens I have ever been around. She is wonderful with the dogs, meeting new people and loves to be where the action is. She is very food driven...loves to eat potato chips, ground beef, bread, cheese, chicken, pasta, rice. Of course this is what she has taken off my plate without my permission, LOL. I found another kitten that has the same personality so I adopted him from a rescue in Indiana. They are best buds now and really have a blast. They have their own room that has a baby gate lifted off the floor about 10 inches so they can escape when needed and have tons of toys, scratch pots and a cat tree that looks out the window. They are both very social and hang out in the same room I am in with the dogs. I'd say, life is great and I could not have picked a better kitten. Thanks for letting her become part of my family!


Diane & Ink