Olive In Her New Yard

I just wanted to update you on Olive. I spoke with Kevin Friday evening and we arranged a meeting for me to visit Olive Sunday afternoon. Needless to say I was smitten by her and definitely wanted to adopt her. Long story short, after filling out the necessary paperwork I went back to Kevin's later Sunday afternoon to pick up Olive. I felt bad about taking her away from him, he obviously was very attached to her, but hopefully it was a little easier for him to cope with his loss after I sent him an update and a couple of pictures of her in her new yard.

Olive has been somewhat aloof for the first couple of days, which is understandable considering the fact she needs to adjust to a new owner and home, but this evening while I was following behind her while she was exploring amongst the flowers, she stopped and began whimpering a little. I picked her up to let her know someone was close by and she nuzzled against my neck and began licking. I melted.

Thank you so much for rescuing her, finding a great foster home and allowing me to adopt her. She is such a wonderful little lady.

The attached pictures are of her for the first time in her new yard.

Thanks again for such a wonderful little companion.