Yes, I changed her name to Piper. She was not really responding to Zoey so I just kept saying different names to her. When I said Piper she turned around and looked me right in the eye. If her name was not Piper, it was something really close to it. She started responding to it immediately.

I am happy to report she was already housebroken. I think she had a good home at one time. One thing you all might not know is that she has to sleep under the covers and runs around and does her digging thing under there until she decides on her spot. She is a great bed warmer. The first day I had her she spent most of it in the bed. I was afraid she had diabetes but I guess she was catching up on lost time. :-)

On the third day, I took her to see Dr. Brasher. She was shaking like a leaf when she heard all the dogs barking in the back. I think she thought I was going to leave her there. I felt so sorry for her. Dr Brasher and her assistant went out of their way to be kind to her and she settled down within minutes. Dr. Brasher gave her an A+

I am getting her use to being groomed and she no longer runs when I get out the brush. I have removed the little mats she had behind her ears and in her front paws. Still trying to figure out how to remove the one to the side of her mouth but we will get there. The Pedigree Dentastix have helped with her teeth. She gets one of the mini stix at night and her back teeth have improved drastically.

We do two walks a day and go to the park on the weekends. I have a 15 foot leash which gives her more running room. I love when she stops, pretends she is startled and leaps in the air and faces the other direction. She is so silly. Someone taught her "Wait" which really comes in handy. We just started working on "Sit" and she has almost got it. I think she is more cautious then timid. Trying to find an obedience class that would fit into our schedule. I think she would enjoy it.

Please share this with your staff and tell them I said "Thank You" for taking such good care of her. Piper is all the good things they say about the Havanese.

Best Regards,