2005 Bike Friendly Plan

Updated on Friday, Sept. 3, 2010 
The Bike Louisville Team is working on updating the Bike Friendly Plan. See the latest information here.

Bike Friendly LouisvilleBicycle Friendly Community
In his continuing efforts to solidify Louisville’s reputation as a dynamic, healthy and progressive city, Mayor Jerry E. Abramson has embraced an initiative to make Louisville a bicycle-friendly community.

A bicycle-friendly community provides safe accommodations for cyclists and encourages residents to bicycle for transportation and recreation. Beginning with the Metro Louisville Bicycle Summit in 2005, which led to this Bicycle Friendly Louisville Plan, Louisville has made a great start to achieving its goal.

Why should Louisville be Bicycle Friendly?Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson sporting a Louisville Bicycle Club jersey and a free helmet from the Brain Injury Association at the Mayor's Hike & Bike event.

• We will enjoy a better quality of life and be a more liveable community.

• We want to attract and retain young professionals to expand the economic base in Louisville.

• We want to be an active, healthy community.

• We want our residents to have diverse transportation choices.

• We will have a better natural and social environment.

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How can Louisville become Bicycle Friendly?

Louisville Metro will use a program of the League of American Bicyclists in Washington, D.C. to validate becoming a bicycle-friendly community, to assess its strengths, identify challenges and make commitments.

In 2005, the League granted Louisville Honorable Mention in recognition of the efforts it has taken to date. To ensure that Louisville attains its goals, the city will concentrate its efforts in 5 areas:

Encouragement - Creating an environment that is conducive to more bicycle riding for fun, fitness and transportation.

Education - An informed citizenry, knowledgeable police, legislators and public officials and better training for engineers and planners in facility design.

Engineering - Creating a bicycle and pedestrian transportation system that allows users with varying abilities to safely and efficiently travel between destinations.

Enforcement - Equitable and consistent enforcement of traffic laws affecting motorists and bicyclists.

Evaluation - Regular monitoring and performance evaluation of our progress toward becoming a bicycle-friendly community.