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  Bike Louisville


Request a Bike Rack

The Bike Louisville Bike Rack Program in Louisville Metro Government is not able to fund requests for bike rack installations at this time.  However, if you are purchasing your own rack, will provide assistance in the selection and placement of the bike rack.

Please contact:
Dirk Gowin
Transportation Planning
(502) 574-5925
Email Dirk

About Our City Racks
The city racks you see around town have been funded by federal dollars, either through the Transportation Improvement Program or the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program. Both programs are reimbursement programs requiring a 20% local match.  Those funds are not currently available.

However, if you would like to install our standard, stainless stell loop rack (pictured to the right) at your business at your own expense, and the rack is being installed on private property, contact David Bibelhauser and see more rack images by visiting his website here

Signature Rack Specifications

Wire Wheel Brush Finish with Stainless Steel Piping

Process for Paving Install
Drill 1 in. hole with 5/8” All Thread; Pour Epoxy; Set Half Hour

Process for Concrete Install
Weld Horizontal All Thread to Vertical All Thread; Pour Concrete