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  Bike Louisville


Ride TARC with my Bike

TARC is the Transit Authority of River City, our main mass transit/bus system.

See the award-winning TARC rap video!TARC's Bikes-On-Board program is a great way to get around Louisville. Every single TARC bus is equipped with bike racks, making it easy to connect to your destination no matter where you're going.

TARC's bike racks are very easy to use. It takes less than 10 seconds to load your bike. Please carefully read and follow the instructions below:

  • For safety reasons, the driver will not get off the bus to assist you.
  • Bikes are mounted at your own risk. TARC is not responsible for theft or damage while your bike is on the bus rack.
  • Each bike rack can carry two (2) bikes.
Loading your Bike
  1. Remove any loose items that could fall off (tire pump, water bottle, etc.).
  2. Always load (and unload) your bike from curbside, never from the traffic lane.
  3. Let the driver know that you want to load your bike.
  4. Squeeze the handle and pull down to lower the rack.
  5. Lift your bike onto the rack position nearest the bus, handlebars towards the curb.
  6. Pull the support arm out and up over the top of your bike's front tire.

Unloading your Bike
  1. Tell the driver that you are going to unload your bike.
  2. Pull the support arm off the front tire and lift the bike off the rack.
  3. Important: return and lock the rack in the upright position.

Taking bicycles on TARC buses has grown in popularity rapidly since the program's inception.  June 2008 was the best month in the program's history. Visit Tarc's Bikes-On-Board site to learn more and see their video!

TARC's Bikes on Board usage chart (2004 - 2010)