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2010 Bike Master Plan

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The Bike Master Plan sets forward our vision and goals, provides an overview of existing conditions, explains the planning process that was undertaken to complete the Master Plan, recommends new bicycle projects and programs, establishes performance measures and sets forward a plan for implementation through the year 2030.

(All files are in PDF format)

Cover page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Existing Biking Conditions 3.5 MB
Chapter 3 Recommendations
Chapter 4 Implementation 3.0 MB


Appendix A- Bike Louisville 2006 Plan
Appendix B- 2 Bike Summit Comments Encouragement
Appendix B- 1 Bike Summit Comments Education
Appendix B- 3 Bike Summit Comments Enforcement
Appendix B- 4 Bike Summit Comments Engineering
Appendix B- 5 Bike Summit Comments Evaluation
Appendix C- List of Bike Louisville Meetings
Appendix D- Crash Data
Appendix E- Review of Prior Neighborhood Plans
Appendix F- Funding Sources
Appendix G- Complete Streets
Appendix H- Bicycle Parking Requirements by Land Use
Appendix I- The Latent Demand Method 4 MB
Appendix J- Louisville Loop Design Guidelines
50 MB (large file)
Appendix K- LOJIC Population without Vehicles Map
Appendix L- List of High and Low Cost Bicycle
Facility Improvements

Appendix M- Louisville Loop Single Track Master Plan 
Appendix N- Bike and Ped Comments from Public Forums


Future Bike Facility lowcost