"Brightside is dedicated to uniting people in clean and green activities that beautify and foster pride in our community through volunteerism, planting, sustainability, & education"

Trees are the common thread between beautification and sustainability. In alignment with our core values, in 2013 Brightside began collaborating with the Louisville Metro Tree Advisory Commission and the Office of Sustainability to promote a robust tree canopy community-wide. Trees benefit the city in many ways: by improving air quality, managing storm water runoff, decreasing urban heat, and helping build community pride by providing quality green spaces.

Focusing on sustainability through beautification, Brightside engages the community in many ways. Through our community-wide clean-ups, Brightside has coordinated thousands of volunteers to help remove litter though our city. In spring 2014 alone, our clean-ups removed over 16 tons of garbage from Louisville’s streets and parks! That is equivalent to the total amount of trash produced by 22 Americans for one entire year.

Brightside also promotes sustainability through our long-standing education programs that spread our mission to future generations and prepare today for a brighter tomorrow.

Brightside believes that a clean and green city promotes a high quality of life and is deserved by all citizens.

In Spring of 2014, Mayor Greg Fischer introduced the “ONE BRIGHT CITY” initiative that provides a structured framework to help make Louisville an even better place to live, work and play. By engaging residents at the neighborhood level, the ONE BRIGHT CITY initiative will organize community-wide efforts to measurably reduce litter, plant trees to increase the urban tree canopy, and encourage sustainable living by educating and engaging citizens through a tiered recognition program.

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