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Brightside’s NatureScape Grant
Beautification and Community Garden Information

What are NatureScape Grants?
Brightside strives to find ways for all Louisville residents to become engaged in keeping our community clean, green and beautiful. NatureScape Grants are designed to help neighborhood groups and other non-profits keep the public spaces of the community looking their best by connecting your group with the needed resources to create the garden or beautification project of your choosing.

It will be necessary for your group to submit an IRS form
W-9 along with your grant application.  

Who can apply?
Any officially recognized 501(c) non-profit or suburban city may apply for up to $1,500 in project money. Your group may apply two funding cycles in a row for a total of $3,000, then we ask that your group wait one year before applying again so that we may involve many different organizations.  

What types of projects will be considered?
Brightside is particularly interested in vegetable gardening and landscape projects that green-up our community. This might include or a community garden,  planting trees in your neighborhood or creating a welcoming landscape for your subdivision entrance. We do ask that NatureScape grant money not be used for neighborhood entrance signage and since groups can only receive NatureScape funding two times in a row, we prefer not to fund labor for on-going maintenance such as grass cutting. NatureScape grants can also be used to fund cleanup projects for your area. This might include purchasing supplies or providing incentives for participants.   

YUM! Brands, Inc. generously sponsors the Vegetable Garden Division of the NatureScape Grant. If your project involves creating a garden where produce will be grown and shared among members of a community, your 501(c) non-profit or suburban city is encouraged to apply.

What information does our group need to include on the application?

  1. Contact Information – While projects may have several partners we ask that you list only one recognized 501(c) organization or suburban city and contact person in this section of the application. This is to whom the grant check will be made payable.
  2. Overview – Questions in this section will help us understand the description of your project and the area it encompasses.  Please also evaluate how it will improve the community and if there is a true need for such a project in your area. To ensure that this investment grows we ask that you describe your long-range plan for keeping the proposed project maintained. Keep in mind Brightside cannot supply groups with mulch or handle on-going maintenance so your plan must address how your group will handle this.  You are encouraged to include attachments that support your answers including pictures of the proposed area. If you have questions about presenting your overview the Brightside NatureScape Coordinator and Landscape Supervisor are available to you as a resource via phone or e-mail. (574-2613 or
  3. Budget – Please include a figure for your organization’s annual operating budget as well as a general budget for the project. General budget should include ALL project expenses even if you hope to have them donated or covered through another source. After expenses are listed then list other partners who may be providing resources (cash or in- kind). For example if the Boy Scouts are doing the labor at no charge and your neighborhood association is paying for signage your budget might look like this: Shovels $100, Plant Material $400, Labor $200, Signage $500 Total Expenses $1,200 Less contributions from other partners; Boy Scouts $200 in kind labor, OakElm Neighborhood Assoc $500 for signage. Total NatureScape Request $500.
  4. Volunteer Hours – Volunteerism is important to Brightside’s mission, please include your projected volunteer hours.
  5. Signature – the authorized signatory for you group must sign the application indicating that your group has read and acknowledges all the information presented on this sheet.

It will be necessary for your group to submit an IRS form W-9 along with your grant application.  

How are the winning projects chosen?

Winners are chosen primarily through a point system based on the application.  

If our project is selected, when will I know and what will be expected of us as an award winner?

If your group is/was selected, Brightside would like to be your partner in creating a successful project. Our Landscape Supervisor is available to meet with you on site to help you with plant material selection and landscape design; our Volunteer Coordinator is available to help you round up volunteer resources for your project and we have a small library of tools and equipment that you can borrow. In return we ask that you post temporary signage recognizing Brightside (provided) and mention your Brightside NatureScape grant in your newsletter or other communication outlets.   

Along with your check you will receive a Report Out form to be filled out when your project is completed. You will be asked to include invoices or receipts with the form and if there are unused funds in excess of $30 that should be returned to Brightside at that time.  Groups completing successful projects may apply for additional funding through the NatureScape Grant. However failure to turn in an accurate and complete report out form by the scheduled deadline will disqualify your group from receiving any future funding through Brightside or Louisville Metro Government.

We are so pleased that you are committed to keeping Louisville clean, green and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to submit a NatureScape Grant application and good luck with your project.

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