Eco-Drama, free of charge to all Louisville third grade classrooms, is an environmental education program coordinated in partnership with Stage One Children's Theatre. 

Eco-DRAMA provides students and educators with an active, hands-on approach to exploring and responding to important environmental issues through interactive, drama based instructional strategies. 

All 3rd grade Jefferson County classes are eligible

Stage One, in partnership with Brightside and Metropolitan Sewer District, uses drama to teach earth science and environmental stewardship. A Stage One artist-educator engages the students in a high-energy trek through environmental science. Eco-Drama introduces concepts and reinforces lessons in earth science, studied by third grade students. Eco-Drama lessons are more than fun - they also fit into the core curriculum requirements.

Eco-Drama employs the educational technique of theme drama.  Theme drama empowers the students to act as experts, providing them the information they need to stay in character, as an expert, throughout the program.  In a theme drama, there is a loose outline of a plot that revolves around a central problem, or conflict. 

Register now for a free 5 day resident school program teaching environmental education in the classroom.  All 3rd grade classes are eligible.  Call Stage One 502-498-2437 to register for ‘13-14' school year.