Louisville Community-Wide Native Planting Day

Brightside will perform four yearly plantings, two in the spring and two in the late fall/winter. These planting days will be executed through collaboration with community partners, such as Louisville Grows and the Tree Advisory Commission.

The tree plantings will increase Brightside’s impact and provide opportunities for the community to become more educated and empower volunteers through hands-on projects.

Along with the tree planting days, this past spring
Brightside is proud to announce the planting of 695 trees during the 2013-2014 planting season. A total of 294 trees were planted through collaboration and partnership with: LMTAC, RE-Tree Shively, Louisville Grows’ Love Louisville Trees Citizen Forestry Program, and Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

Nex tree planting will be held, Saturday November 8th. This will be a Community-Wide initiative to plant native trees and herbeous species of Kentucky. If you would like to get involved by sponsoring or volunteering, please contact Erin Thompson.