Brightside/Coca-Cola Volleyball Classic

Brightside/Coca-Cola Volleyball Classic: Each July, Brightside plays host to one of the largest outdoor volleyball tournaments in the region. Players from several states travel to Louisville to participate, helping make this Brightside’s largest fundraiser of the year.

This July, 168 teams and 827 players representing four states participated in the 24th edition of the Brightside/Coca-Cola Volleyball Classic. The event was held at two separate locations, with grass divisions being played at Seneca Park, and the sand divisions taking place at Baxter Jack’s.

Each year, one particularly exciting part about the weekend is the match between the Mayor and his trusty team playing against a team of local media personalities. This year, we took it up a notch, and the winner of the Mayor/Media match competed against a team comprised of members of the Brightside Board of Directors. For pictures of the exciting action, please click here.

Brightside would like to extend special thanks to:

Our sponsors, whose support goes a long way to helping keep Louisville clean and green.

-The volunteers, who dedicated time out of their weekends to help extend Brightside’s mission-Mayor Fischer, his team, Brightside’s Board of Directors, and the local media personalities who participated in the event to support Brightside

-Tandem Sports/The Volleyball Connection, who help our event run so smoothly

Lastly, don’t forget to join us next year for the 25th Anniversary of the Brightside/Coca-Cola Volleyball Classic! Please check back in spring 2014 for more details.