BrightSites are mini botanical gardens located across the metro area. Studies show that green oasises such as these build civic pride and inspire neighbors to keep the area looking its best. Project BrightSite was started in 1987 with the purpose of taking small parcels of city-owned property and partnering with businesses or other agencies to get plant material donated and keep the newly-landscaped area maintained. That tradition continues today.

The Watterson Expressway interchange at Westport Road has been upgraded with four new BrightSites. The green spaces around the interchange have been landscaped to make the area more visually appealing.

This project is a great example of what we can achieve when community partners work together to realize a common goal. Special thanks to Council Members Downard, Fleming and Stuckel for sponsoring the irrigation system. Thanks to Hall Contracting of Kentucky for their generous sponsorship which covered the costs of landscaping and plant materials, and to the suburban cities of St. Matthews, Windy Hills, Graymoor-Devondale and Woodlawn Park for sponsoring the ongoing maintenance of the sites.

Thanks to all our BrightSite sponsors!

American Synthetic Rubber
Council Districts 7, 9, 10, 13, 14,16, 17, 18, 22, 24, 26
Creation Gardens & Eco Steward
Eastwood Fire Department
Habitat for Humanity
Hall Contracting of Kentucky
J. Edinger and Son Inc.
Kevin Abbott Lawn Services
Passport Health Plan
Plumbers Supply
Stock Yards Bank & Trust
Wallitsch Nursery and Garden Center
Waste Management of KY

Special thanks to Betty and David Jones for the Spaghetti Junction daffodil plantings and to the Kentucky Department of Transportation for their cooperation with the interstate wildflower plantings.

To become a BrightSite sponsor call us 502-574-2613 or
click here to email us.

Brightsites maintained by Brightside
Cane Run & Ralph Ave- Metro Council District 1, Sponsor by: American Synthetic Rubber
2. Cane Run & I-264- Metro Council District 3, Sponsor by: Eckert America
3. N. 17th St & Bank Street- Metro Council 5, Sponsor by: August Brown Holland Foundation
4. Main & Story- Metro Council District 4, Sponsor by: Edinger, Plumbers and StockYards
5. Baxter & Cherokee (Phoenix Hill), Metro Council 8, Sponsor by: Kindred Healthcare
6. Barret & Broadway, Metro Council District 4, Sponsor by: Kindred Healthcare
7. Grinstead and I-64 (3 sites at this location), Metro Council 9, Sponsor by: Creation Gardens
8. Cannons Lane (North), Metro Council District 9. Sponsor by: Tina Ward-Pugh
10. Cannons Lane (South), Metro Council District 26, Sponsor by: District 26
11. Hurstbourne Pkwy & Stonybrook, Metro Council District 11
12. Hurstbourne Pkwy & Taylorsville Rd, Metro Council District 18
13. Hurstbourne Pkwy & Watterson Trail, Metro Council District 11
14. Fern Creek Park along Bardstown Rd, Metro Council District 22, Sponsor by: District 22
15. Preston Hwy and Outer Loop, Metro Council District 24. Sponsor by: Waste Management
16. Fern Valley Rd. & Preston Highway, Metro Council District 2, Sponsor by: Passport Health Plan
17. Bardstown Rd & I-264 (Northeast) 26 Wallitsch Garden Center
18. Bardstown Rd & I-264 (Southwest), Metro Council District 10, Sponsor by: District 10
19. Poplar Level Rd off I-264 ramp (2 sites), Metro Council District 10, Sponsor by: District 10
20. Westport Rd & I-264 (4 sites at this location), Metro Council District 7, Sponsor by: St Matthews, Windy Hills, Woodlawn Ave, Graymoor-Devondale
21. Newburg Rd. & E. Indian Trail (2 sites), Metro Council District 2, Sponsor by: Councilwoman Shanklin
22. Rose Farm Park, Metro Council District 12, Sponsor by:  District 12
23. Fairdale Rd & S. Park Rd, Metro Council District 13, Sponsor by: District 13
24. New Cut Rd & I-265, Metro Council District 13
25. Dixie Hwy and Blevins Gap, Metro Council District 14, Sponsor by: District 14
26. Southern Pkwy & I-264, Metro Council District 15, Sponsor by: Churchill Downs
27. 3rd Street & I-264, Metro Council District 4, Sponsor by: Churchill Downs
28: Southern Pkwy & Woodlawn Ave. Metro Council District 21
29. Jefferson St & 9th St, Metro Council District 4
30. Market St & 9th St, Metro Council District 4
31. 5th and Kentucky, Metro Council District 6, Sponsor by: Monty's Joy Juice
32. N. 22nd St. Connector, Metro Council District 5, Sponsor by: District 5; Passport Health Plan
33. 3400 W Broadway Median, Metro Council District 5 Sponsor by District 5
34. Virgina Ave & Dumesnil, Metro Council District 1
35. 9th Street Median, Metro Council District 4
36. Frankfort Ave & New Main St., Metro Council District 9, Sponsor by: CSX
37. TARC Bus Stops-8 sites along Frankfort Ave, Metro Council District 9 
38. US-60 at Eastwood Cutoff, Metro Council District 19, Sponsor by: Wolford Landscaping

Westport Road Interchange Beautification at I-264



Waste-Management of KY BrightSite