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Mayor Calls on Volunteers for Brightside Community-Wide Cleanup

Monday September 29, 2008

Mayor Jerry Abramson today called for volunteers to participate in the fall Brightside Community-Wide Cleanup. The cleanup, sponsored by Citi, is Saturday, Oct. 25, National Make a Difference Day.

“These twice yearly Brightside cleanups have really grown, and with the trash and litter tossed about our community by the storm, the need is greater than ever this fall,” Abramson said. “We’re calling on individuals and groups of all kinds to sign up, and pitch in to help cleanup our hometown.”

To participate, groups and individuals need only to notify Brightside about the area they wish to clean, by visiting calling MetroCall 311 (or 574-5000). Individuals can also call and be matched with an established group.

Brightside will provide free t-shirts, bags and gloves to volunteer groups (T-Shirts available while supplies last). The Louisville Metro Division of Solid Waste Management will pick up filled trash bags at the end of the day.

During Brightside’s spring Community-Wide Cleanup nearly 6,000 volunteers removed 32 tons of trash from Louisville’s sidewalks, streets and green spaces. Already, more than 3,000 volunteers have registered for the fall cleanup and more volunteers are being added every day.

To kick off the Brightside Fall Community-Wide Cleanup, Abramson will join Metro Councilman David Tandy at Louisville Slugger Field, Oct. 11, at 9:30 a.m. The event is a celebration of Brightside volunteers and an opportunity for registered team leaders to pick-up bags, gloves and T-Shirts for their cleanup crews.

As residents begin to rake up leaves this fall, consider using paper grocery bags or paper yard waste bags instead of plastic garbage bags. Collected yard waste is used to create compost, and plastic bags don’t decompose. Half of the city’s compost is unusable because it contains too much plastic. Residents can use paper bags, biodegradable bags, or even put unbagged yard waste into a separate garbage can marked “yard waste” for collection. Using those alternatives creates more usable compost and saves landfill space.

Join the Brightside Team and “Take it to the Basket”

There are all kinds of things residents can do to join the city’s anti-litter team. Brightside recommends the following tips to give Louisville an assist:

· Realize that cigarette butts are litter too. Place cigarette butts in an ash tray.

· Place trash in the proper receptacle -- secure paper and other items in your car so they don’t blow out the window and properly seal garbage containers.

· Carry a litterbag in your vehicle or on bicycle.

· Report a litterer by calling Metro Call 311 or 574-5000. If you see drivers throw trash or cigarette butts out the window, get a license plate number and the city will send the litterer a letter warning of potential criminal penalties.

· Make your church, school or community celebration a litter-free event by contacting MetroCall 311. Brightside will provide signage and trash receptacles, and the organization simply provides volunteers.

· Recycle materials to save landfill space, energy and natural resources. Most litter is recyclable!

· When you see litter, pick it up and “Take it to the Basket!”

Coming Up:
The Brightside Compost Sale will take place on Oct. 11, 18 and 25 (Saturdays), from

8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility, 2673 Outer Loop. Compost is $2.50 per bag or $30 per scoop. The compost is perfect for preparing your yard for fall tree plantings and grass seed. Discount coupons available online at

For more information about Brightside or the Community-Wide Cleanup, contact visit or call Metro Call 311 (574-5000).

Brightside is uniting people in clean and green activities to beautify the city and foster community pride.


Lisa Gunterman, 574-2339 / 216-9251
Phil Miller, 574-1901 / 439-4726


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