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Brightside Awards Fall NatureScape Grants

Tuesday September 23, 2008

Brightside awarded NatureScape grants to area nonprofit groups for a variety of beautification projects today. A family shelter, community ministry and elementary school are among the 12 NatureScape grant awardees.

Neighborhood groups, suburban cities, schools and nonprofit organizations apply for NatureScape grants twice a year through Brightside to obtain funds for beautification projects. The total amount funded this spring is $12,500, with awards ranging from $200 to $1,500 each.

“The seed money provided by NatureScape grants has inspired wonderful beautification projects that truly impact how people feel about their neighborhood”, said Cynthia Knapek, Brightside Executive Director. “Playing an active role in the projects empower citizens to make a difference.”

Brightside’s NatureScape grants are funded entirely through private donations. “In addition to celebrating this year’s awardees, I think it is also important to honor the individual Brightside donors who make the NatureScape program possible,” Knapek said. “Donations made to Brightside grow and blossom into projects like neighborhood gardens, outdoor education programs and neighborhood beautification efforts.”

The NatureScape Grant project was created to assist groups in Louisville with beautification projects. Grants are funded entirely by Brightside donors and are awarded in the spring and fall each year. Brightside is particularly interested in projects that “green up” the community, involve partnerships and include neighborhood residents.

NatureScape Grants are available for any officially recognized 501 (c) non profit group. Groups may apply for two funding cycles in a row for a total of $3,000, but must wait for one year before re-applying again, so that several organizations may benefit.

Brightside’s Fall NatureScape deadline is April 29, 2009. Neighborhood groups, suburban cities, non-profit organizations, schools and places of worship are encouraged to apply. Groups interested in applying for NatureScape Grants should call Brightside at 574-2613 or visit www.brightsideinc.org for an application.


Brightside’s NatureScape Grants

Fall 2008

Center for Women & Families Funded-$465

The Center will create a garden to give victims of domestic abuse a place to reflect and offer peace and tranquility as they recover. Partnering with Dismas Charities and a Master Gardener from Jefferson County Extension Agency will give The Center an excellent design and maintenance assistance. District 4

City of Thornhill Funded-$200

Daffodils will be in bloom this spring as the City of Thornhill plants 1,000 bulbs, adding to the 1,000 they planted last year, along Highway 22, between Lime Kiln Court and Thornhill Road. The neighbors are once again excited to get out their gardening gloves and shovels to continue improving this area. District 16

Descendants of American Slaves Funded-$500

Continuous neighborhood cleanups leading to the “Cleanest Alley in Louisville” is the goal for this group. Tools like rakes, brooms, shovels, and more will be purchased with the seed money from this grant as a way to empower neighbors. District 4

Dreams with Wings Funded-$1500

Adding landscape to their public art area, The Dream Wall, will help clients at Dreams with Wings learn support skills as they relate to planting, nurturing, and maintaining a green space with help from local volunteers. This busy Bardstown Road office will now offer a unique area for relaxation right outside its door. District 8

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park Funded-$1500

Recycling is at the top of the list for E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park as the park purchases recycling containers to place throughout the park. These sturdy, all-weather containers will be the responsibility of the Green-Up crew, a volunteer group who was commissioned to make the park more sustainable. District 17

Field Elementary Funded-$1500

Students in the primary grades at Field Elementary will soon have a butterfly garden of their very own. Designing the garden in a butterfly shape the students will pick the correct plants and learn about nature and animals as they watch the garden bloom this spring. District 9

Friends School Funded-$1325

Families and students will work together to spruce up the entryway at Friends School in St. Matthews. Students, parents, and staff will design a gorgeous landscape of evergreens and annuals to surround the freshly painted sign helping all that pass by to recognize the school’s campus. District 26

German/Paristown Pointe Neighborhood Association Funded-$1500

Closing down a garden each winter is hard work and that’s just what the neighbors in the German/Paristown Pointe neighborhood plan to do. Constructing compost bins for the garden and holding a cleanup in the blocks surrounding it will be the perfect way to put this garden to bed. District 4

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association Funded-$1,000

Following up on a project from 2001, Irish Hill Neighborhood Association will purchase plant material and mulch to continue the beautification of Irish Hill Park. This urban park will receive new flowers planted along Chestnut Street. District 9

J.B. Atkinson Elementary Funded-$1500

The Family Resource Center at J.B. Atkinson will be getting a facelift when new landscaping is installed on campus. Having students work with community members on this project will help bring the community together as they plant and maintain this new landscape in Portland. District 5

Southwest Community Ministries Funded-$825

Southwest Community Ministries will help beautify their neighborhood by installing landscaping around the offices they share with the Red Cross and the Girl Scouts. Improving the appearance of the building and integrating it into the campus, this project will bring volunteers from all three agencies together. District 25

Windsor Forest Association Funded-$1500

This industrious group plans to landscape four of the entrances to their neighborhood to give the areas some much needed attention and beauty. Neighbors will come together with local boy scouts to help plant and maintain red knock out roses for neighbors and passersby to enjoy.
District 25

Lisa Gunterman, Brightside 574-2339


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