Tree Membrance

Brightside's Tree-Membrance program is a unique way to commemorate a special holiday, anniversary or birthday. A Tree-Membrance tree is a thoughtful way to remember someone who has passed on or to celebrate the birth of a child.

For a donation of $500 you will receive a tree that will be located in a grove in one of three Louisville Metro Parks. In addition, a certificate will be sent to the person or family for whom the tree is dedicated along with a notification of the location of the grove where the tree will be planted.

Cox Park, McNeely Lake Park, and Sun Valley Park are the three Louisville Metro Parks locations available for planting your special tree. The species of the tree will vary depending on the location you choose.

Click here to download an application or to make a donation of $500 to the Tree-Membrance program.  For more information please contact us phone 502.574.2613, fax 502.574.2792..

Tree Honor your loved one with a tree planting

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