Community-Wide Native Planting Day

Join Brightside on November 8th for a community-wide native planting. In an effort to bring awareness in assisting our local ecosystem and the continual support of biodiversity, Brightside will plant native species. In addition they challenge and invite residents of Louisville to get out and plant native trees, flowers, and plants within the community.

Over the past several decades non-native species have been introduced to Louisville’s environment producing a traumatic effect. These non-native species are eradicating the native populations of flora, causing an imbalance that effects plant biodiversity, soil conditions, and native wildlife. To support the local ecosystem, Brightside is sponsoring a native planting day to combat such imbalances in the environment. Native species play an important role in the ecosystem by attracting insects and pollinators which in turn supply food up the chain. Native species are hardy and require less maintenance and water than ornamentals. They always provide a better habitat for local wildlife.

This year Brightside’s introduced the One Bright City initiative to assist Louisville’s community in becoming environmental stewards. Trees are an integral part of this initiative because of the environmental, economic and social benefits they assist with. Louisville has been experiencing poor air quality, areas of high heat concentrations, and polluted water; especially in areas where there is a lack of tree canopy. To combat this Brightside is asking every individual, neighborhood association, organization and/or group, and businesses both large and small to join with us by planting or sponsoring a planting.

Let’s help raise the quality of life in our community not only for we humans but for the ecosystem as a whole by joining together to plant native trees.

If you would like to get involved by sponsoring or volunteering, please contact Brightside or at (502)574-2613.  Brightside's feature planting project will take place in the neighborhood adjacent to Chicksaw Park.  Our goal will be to plant 20 trees at this event.  Hurry and register as a volunteer!  Opportunities are limited at this event.

To register your native planting project, please click here or download and complete this form, and mail it to:

                    527 West Jefferson St, 6th Floor
                       Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Native Planting Day Resources
Native Trees and Plants of Kentucky
Retail Nursery and Garden Center Contact List
    *Brightside recommends to contact nurseries before arrival to insure that they are open for retail sales and they offer the plant that you are looking for.  Some nurseries will order plants if they are not in stock.