The Brown-Forman Tree Legacy

This program focuses on planting trees in the neighborhoods surrounding Brown-Forman’s west Louisville corporate campus, including the California, Russell and other neighborhoods. Trees benefit a neighborhood in many ways, such as improving air quality, decreasing utility costs by mitigating heat, and helping build community pride by providing quality green space.

These trees provide a great value to our community and the Brown-Forman Legacy Tree Program will be seen and appreciated for many generations to come. This program also provides an opportunity to educate neighbors about the value of trees. Informative door hangers are placed at the homes where trees are planted recognizing the trees as a gift from Brown-Forman and sharing valuable tips on how to help care for them.

Brightside has planted over 2,500 trees paid for with support from the Brown-Forman Corporation. The company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and philanthropy makes Brown-Forman one of Louisville’s best corporate citizens.

Partnerships with community-minded companies such as Brown-Forman have helped to maximize the impact of Brightside.

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