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Recently Codes & Regulations announced a better way to map construction permits. Now you can find property maintenance cases & ABC Licenses on a map too! Click here to get started.

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Check out our resource center which makes it easy to learn what it takes to start a business and stay compliant!

Doing Business in Louisville
Louisville is a great place to start, expand or re-locate your business! This page provides links to resources and information to help businesses of all sectors and sizes. You can also do business with city government, get a building permit or review development plans, search for commercial properties, recruit employees and more.

Companies looking to relocate to Louisville (see Louisville's major employers), should visit our Economic Growth & Innovation Department and the Greater Louisville Inc. site to learn more about incentives and other resources for making Louisville your business home!

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Jefferson County Clerk's Office, online land records, delinquent propety taxes, marriage licenses, notary commission, Deed Room, name and will changes, legal records & official document fees, Metro Government Archives.
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