Why do I need to submit four complete sets?

The sets are distributed to the various organizations involved in review and inspection: Louisville Metro Environmental Health (2), Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Plumbing (1), and Louisville Metro Archives (1).

What is the process after I submit paperwork to Louisville Metro?

The Plan Application Form and supporting documentation are submitted to Metro Public Health & Wellness | Environmental Health and are first reviewed by the Food Hygiene staff. If the paperwork is in order and meets requirements, the application and plans are sent to Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Plumbing.

Once the paperwork and plans are reviewed by the state and found in order and compliant with code, a Kentucky Health Inspector will contact the applicant to perform a final plumbing inspection.

Once the Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck) passes inspection, the applicant should contact Louisville Metro Public Health &Wellness Environmental Health to schedule an opening inspection. The inspector must be able to verify all necessary equipment is working properly and that hot- and cold- running water and refrigeration units function appropriately without an electrical outlet.

What will I receive after my Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck) passes all inspections?

An invoice will be generated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and sent to the business address listed on the Plan Application Form. The invoice must be paid before a permit will be issued.

  • The permit is valid for one calendar year and the fee is not pro-rated at any time during the year.
  • Annual renewal invoices are generated automatically in October and are due by January 1st.
  • The Mobile Food Unit Permit will be mailed to the business address by US Postal Service. The 8 ½ x 11 single page is a “permit to operate” and lists a permit number, the business name and address and the expiration date.