Bank On Louisville

Bank On Louisville is an engine to collaboratively strengthen our community's economic well-being through improved access to mainstream financial education and services, with an emphasis on the low-to-moderate income population of the city.

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Why Bank On?

  • Over the course of a working lifetime, a wage earners using alternative financial services will pay $40,000 in transaction fees related to cash checking, money orders, etc. that would otherwise be available for other purposes and long-term financial stability..
  • Retail investments are often heavily tied to credit card and checking account transactions within a geographic area, which will lead to new economic opportunities for individuals and the neighborhoods in which they reside.
  • Community-based organizations will have more success in serving their clients and fulfilling their missions, while leading to new business opportunities for mainstream financial institutions.
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There are way too many families and individuals – in Louisville and across the nation – who are struggling to make ends meet. When times are tough like they are right now, people must pull together to seek creative solutions. I am proud that Bank On Louisville is doing just that, by bringing together an innovative partnership from private, public and community sectors – with the goal of giving all citizens the opportunity to achieve financial stability.