Family Intervention Services

Family Assessment and Support Program

The Family Assessment and Support Program provides free case management services for families who are experiencing issues such as, a child exhibiting beyond control behaviors at home or school, truancy, running away, or other risk factors that are impacting the functions of the family. This includes parent/child communication issues.


  • Family Resides in Jefferson County
  • Family is willing to participate in case management on a voluntary
  • basis.
  • There is clearly an identified adult guardian.
  • Youth is exhibiting behavioral and/or adjustment problems.
  • Parents are seeking new strategies for effective parenting.
  • Family or youth not actively involved in Juvenile or Family Court.

Parents: Does any of this sound familiar?

· Your child is getting in trouble at school

· It’s past your child’s curfew and they’re still not home

· Your child "talks back" or is disrespectful

· Your child isn’t performing to their potential at school

· You have no idea where your child is

· Your child always seems angry

· Homework is a nightly struggle

· Getting chores done is impossible

· Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

· Nothing seems to work regarding discipline

· Lack of communication between home and school

· Your child refuses to go to school

· You are frustrated and feel all alone

· Your child is hanging with the wrong crowd

· You’re concerned about the use of drugs and/or alcohol